sábado, 8 de diciembre de 2012

Padres y hijos

Mother's Poem

My daughters mean the world to me and I want to teach them all that I have learned about life but sometimes I wonder whether they are able to understand that I am strict with them for their own good.

Every Mom's Test

© Nandita Shailesh Shanbhag
You are special; you mean the world to me
You are my daughter, a reflection of my entity

Every year, as I watch you grow by my side
No matter what you do, you are my source of pride

The umbilical cord may have been cut but you should know
You are still bound to my soul, wherever you go

Sometimes I am firm and you may think I am wrong
Remember it is easy to give in, but tough to be strong

Sometimes I am strict and you may think it is unfair
But I correct you only because I love and care

I harden my heart and nag, scold and fight
To teach you the difference between the wrong and the right

For soon, the days will pass swiftly all in a whirl
And into a woman will grow my baby girl

Tomorrow when you need inner strength above all
I hope my values will give you the courage to stand tall

I hope that in my teaching you will find tips few
Soon when you strive to make your dreams come true

At a later date, when the real world you have to face
Today’s lessons will help you go ahead in the race

Some day in the future when a mother you will be
From my point of view, the world you will see

For your baby then you will do what is best
To blend discipline with kindness is every mom’s test

Source: Every Mom's Test, Teenager Poem http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/every-moms-test#ixzz2EVP3YCxn 

They Don't Understand

© Emily J. Taylor
I'm confused about life
it seems like no one understands me
especially my parents
they try to run my life
but they don't understand
my life's my own to run
they can't run it
it seems we live in two different worlds
at two different times
they should know no matter how much
they try to control my life
I'll always rebel
I don't care about the punishment
because they can't take away my
freedom, hope, dreams, memories 
and people I love ever.
I wish they would understand
they never had to go through
the problems us teens are going through now
they would never understand
back then there weren't so many problems us
teens face now
they just simply don't understand
us teens

Dedicated to: All Troubled Teens

Source: Dedicated To All Troubled Teens, They Don't Understand, Teenager Poem http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/dedicated-to--all-troubled-teens#ixzz2EVPTmkE0 

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  3. Iba a hacer un comentario al lado de este texto pero creo que las dos poemas dicen ma's por si' solas. El conflicto de una madre que intenta comprender a su hija y una hija que piensa que la madre ni puede empezar a comprender su situación ahora. Una cosa que dice la adolescente me parece muy importante y que es cierto es lo siguiente: los tiempos de los adolescentes ahora no son los mismos que cuando nosotros o sus padres lo eran. Creo que es un elemento para tener muy en cuenta si vamos a ser capaces de comprender y ayudar a nuestros futuros alumnos, no solo como profesores de asignatura sino ma's como tutores.